Artists have long used nature as an inspirational focus in their work. The steadiness of a forest has been turned into restful backdrops or used to convey a sense of menace. Flowers, both brilliant and dull, have become focal points in paintings. Moss covered logs add whimsy to both pictures and paintings. Animals convey a sense of innocence in sculptures, on the surface of ceramics and paintings. Each part of the natural world has its own place in art. It is a collective whole of the world, and it lends its own sense of beauty and serenity to any piece an artist creates.


Adding Nature to Art

Modern artists, such as Caroline Karp Babis, have continued this tradition of combining different me...

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  • 27/08/16

Combined Media Art

Artists have a wide range of materials to use in their creations. Experimenting with different forms...

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  • 26/08/16

Flowers and the Arts

There are many different flowers in the world. Some bloom as soon as spring begins to bring warmth t...

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  • 25/08/16