Adding Nature to Art

Modern artists, such as Caroline Karp Babis, have continued this tradition of combining different media to create art. Adding stones or shells to paintings is popular. It gives the artist a chance to express themselves while incorporating a part of the natural world. This type of mixed media can be used with ceramics, glass and sculpture. Each piece is unique and adds a new dimension for the viewer to experience. This method of art creation is a combination of realism and imagination for a new way to see the world.

Glass art does not need to be one piece that is colored and shaped to become an object. Traditional artists in glass used flat pieces and combined them as murals in stained glass windows. These pieces have long been admired by many who enjoy art. They have been recreated as glass decals or transfers for glass and placed on new glass windows to add color and style to homes. Their beauty has graced both famous cathedrals and private homes.

Modern artists have left the world of flat creation. They have let their work grow organically and fashioned new pieces that are more properly classified as sculptures made with glass. Some of these artists add a metal component to their glass while others add a glass component to their metal sculptures. Wood and glass are another combination that works well when creating art. Stone as a natural element can be surrounded by glass in multiple colors for a stunning piece that draws the eye and captivates the imagination. Each of these combinations gives artists a new voice in the modern world.

Each new piece of art formed with other media creates more opportunities for expression. Combining nature with manufactured pieces gives depth and new meaning to art. Ceramics artists are another group that has used natural objects in their creation. Imprinting real leaves of different sizes into ceramic vases adds an element of beauty. It brings nature into the forefront of the piece without overwhelming it. The future of this type of art has no foreseeable limits for unique creations.