Art in Nature

Rock Solid Art


Nature has a variety of ways to create things, and rocks are items that have long fascinated mosaic artists of all types. They see the beauty in a rugged tor that sits atop a hill, but they can also admire the smoothness of a river rock. For those who love to create lasting images and pieces, rock solid art can be a part of their repertoire. They may combine rocks of different textures, but they can also use different hues of the same color, or they might find rocks containing bright colors for their work.

Mosaics have long been a complex art venue where a picture is created from small pieces of different colored materials. Some artists have use tiling to create their works, but the first artists had to use what was provided by nature. They might have chosen river rocks for smooth areas, and they could have used rocks from hilltops to give depth to another part of their work. Each type of rock would be a contribution to the overall picture they were creating.

Modern artists who work with rocks have a much larger palette, and it is due to the ease of shipping items around the world. Modern technology can provide them with clear pictures of different rocks from many areas, and they have the option to select whatever will fit their mosaic creation. Rocks come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but they also have different textures to help the artist make the best choice.

Creating a work of art is often a labor of love, and many hours are spent ensuring the piece is exactly what it needs to be when it is done. For those who love the look, texture and feel of rocks, nature is ready to provide them with plenty of raw materials to create the art they envision.